GABA Intensive Detox Massage


GABA Intensive Detox massage

Thai massage with special oil


We are the very first massage salon to offer this unique blend which has been created with the help of aloe vera´s high absorption character along with natural healing properties of the plant GABA.

During the process of preparation dry leaves of GABA are placed for three weeks in the well-known oil of Aloe Vera. After this period we get a very rich oil  containing  GAMMA – AMINOBUTYRIC ACID.

Aloe Vera contains more than 200 active ingredients and is able to be absorbed into the skin 4 times faster than water. The massage oil has reached perfection by these properties. At the end of the procedure all of our customers are offered by GABA tea.



According to the scientific and medical studies GABA – Gamma – Aminobutyric acid is essential for the metabolism of brain and its correct function. Its refill is necessary for the organism, but often neglected. GABA can help to reduce stress, frustration, fear, depression and improve quality of sleeping.


As reported by clinical studies, sufficient gamma-aminobutyric acid stimulates immunity and can support the production of HGH growth hormone, which slows down the aging process and helps to improve physical  and mental condition.

Sufficient amount of GABA acid in our organism can increase sexual activity of men and women. In addition can support  the production of collagen, which helps keep your skin  supple, smooth and without wrinkles. On the contrary, low level of GABA acid can cause restlessness, mood swings, nervousness and menstrual disorders.




GABA tea was created based on the research of Japanese scientists led by Dr. Tsusidom in the Tea Experimental Research Centre of Japan in  years 1987-1998.

According to researches  GABA tea is unique because of its high content of gamma-aminobutyric. In Japan it is known as Gabaron and in China it is called Jin Bai Long.

Academic studies state that every 100 g of dry tea leaves GABA contains at least 150 mg gamma-aminobutyric acid. The more of this rare acid tea has, the higher is its price.

GABA tea is made in an unusual way in a vacuum environment, where the moist leaves are placed  7 times during 32 h period.

GABA can improve your health.


We recommend this procedure in case you would like to:


  • take high amount of antioxidants into the organism
  • improve brain functions, neural impulse transmission paths and their functionality
  • to prevent creation and germination of cancer cells
  • reduce the risk of cancer.
  • reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in the blood
  • have good blood pressure level
  • help to defuse the effects of alcohol consumption


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This massage includes:

Tea or fruit roiboos

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