Peeling with Aroma Oil Body Massage


Nowadays, we accumulate far more toxic substances in our bodies. Dead skin cells remain on the skin, thus creating a barrier for water, therefore the skin can not breathe. Peeling helps and accelerates the breakdown of harmful substances. We can avoid further toxication by using natural substances.

What are the positive effects of peeling?

Regenerates the skin

Helps and accelerates the breakdown process of harmful substances.

Relieve your organs, so they can function more effectively.

It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, helps to remove fluid, fat and harmful substances among cells.

Prevents Lypmh stagnation.

It helps to get rid of dead cells on the skin.

It softens, cleans and smooths the skin.


We start the breakdown process of harmful substances by relaxing massage, slow and gentle movements. Natural peeling is applied then, which is massaged into the body by various techniques. This has positive effect on the lymphatic circulation. The peeling procedure is finished  with a hot shower, which removes the remaining parts of the peeling.

Peeling is followed by a  60 min. aroma oil massage. During this massage natural oils are massaged throughout the whole body so the skin gets all the needed moisturizing substances.

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Tea or fruit roiboos

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