Thai massages

Thai massages, in our salon Samoi Massages situated in Bratislava, are provided by Thai massagers. After all, for Thai people these types of massages are closer to the heart than for us Europeans. Most of them start learning the secrets of massages at the early age and afterwards they perfect their skills in school.

Thai massages draw on the 2,5 thousand years of experience. Traditional massages are completely different from all the European ones. It is based on the theory of energy lines, meridians, through which the energy flows in the human organism.

It is suitable for everyone, who wants to experience deep relaxation, stress relief, improvement of flexibility of body, and also for ones who would like to keep their fitness on high level.

What are the benefits of Thai massages:

  • relief from stress and tension in muscles

  • pain relief

  • increase flexibility and range of motion

  • alleviate blood circulation disorders

  • detoxification of the organism

Thai massage eliminates spine pain, stimulates blood circulation, releases energy blockages, enhances the excretion of wastes from the body, relieves tension and stiffness in muscles and joints and relieves feeling of tiredness.

historia a masážne body

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Chronology of Thai massage

Vznik Thajskej masáže

Thai massage originated under the influence of the cultural sphere, traditional Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian medicine. The first signs of Thai massage come from the 17th century, from the Pali writings of Theravada school of Buddhism. In the 19th century, different methods and traditions from the whole kingdom were combined. It is known that there are still different theories of Thai massages across Thailand.